Career Boosters

Career Boosters

Introduction to Career Boosters

I have over 20 years of experience with software industry, printing industry, BPO, ITES and education industry. Currently I am helping professionals to build their career.  I have worked with over 3000 industry professionals from over 300 top notch organisations. My clients include Entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, General Managers and Young Executives. The tips that I have shared with them have worked in majority of cases and in all probability will work for you also.

Career Boosters is a gist of my experience about the most desired skills in the industry. Through my posts, I will share how and from where you can acquire these skills. I will also provide you with tips to achieve your desired career goals. Wherever you may be in your career life cycle these tips will help you. The posts in this blog will suit the needs of the majority of the professionals irrespective of the industry. The tips covered in this blog can help you in improving your career prospects whether in your current job or finding a new job.

What I have observed is that people with similar education and similar experience get different pay packages. The difference is in the level of skills. These skills are not taught in most of the formal education system. The focus is to academically get a better score. As a result, the focus is only on students getting better academic scores. Students with a good academic score may acquire such skills but no attempt is made to improve life skills of other students.

I have identified 4 Key Skills of professional that every employer will love. These skills coupled with right personality traits can definitely help you put your career on fast track.

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Manish Sharma